#SafeHousing for International Students (SIS)


SafeHousing for International Students (SIS)

Over 1.4 million international students needs safe housing after university campuses closed down. GIC is working with hotel groups which meet COVID19 CDC sanitation standard to offer international students limited time 50%+ off during COVID19.  International student with proof of housing condition can book hotels for as low as $30 per night at participating hotels and airbnbs. GIC will work with housing partners for government subsidy and donations to maintain their cost of operations.  

COVID19 #Safe housing for International Student(SIS)

COVID19 #Safe housing for International Student(SIS)

GIC is working tirelessly with hotels and Airbnb owners to reduce cost to host international students for as low as $30 per night during Covid19 period!

May 4th, 


Your donation will be contributed toward subsidizing the safehousing cost for international students.

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